Saturday, 1 March 2014

The Thing About DSLR's

My DSLR Takes Photos!

Isn't it funny, I have been so caught up in shooting video with my DSLR that I forgot it takes photos!
A little while ago we decided to move to a small town by the sea, it's quite remote and very wild. I've been out walking every day and I always take my camera but I've been taking photos and shooting very little video.
A Bruising Sky, photo of dark clouds over the ocean
A Bruising Sky
I will be making videos around this area but for the moment I'm enjoying the photography so much, I'm just going to run with it.

Photo Editing

One of the things I was getting really frustrated with was why my photos looked good but not great! I knew I could frame a good shot and I knew how to expose correctly but other peoples photos would sparkle and stand out. I tried different software and spent hours tweeking and playing with shots, it took a while but I started getting pretty good results.

Faded Glory

 Then I Found Something

Quite by accident I found a the piece of software that changed everything for me, it gave me the sort of control of my photos that I didn't believe possible.
I'm going to be exploring this software and how to use it in future posts.
So say tuned...
On The Rocks

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