Saturday, 27 April 2013

Website Video Gallery

My New Video Gallery

After a lot of time and frustration we have finally got my Video Gallery working. I wanted to be able to scroll through my Vimeo movies without leaving my site. The finished Gallery has a horizontal scroll bar on desk top computers and finger swipe for mobile devices.

You can scroll video thumbnails, that when moused over, will reveal the movie title. When you click on a thumbnail the movie will load in the bottom pane,

I was very impressed with my new video gallery, I asked my son to make me a whole website to display my Vimeo Channels.

He made a really good job of it, Click the picture to open the gallery!

The Back End Genius

My biggest fear when we make something like this is that it will take too much time updating the gallery which I do regularly.

So the boy set to and made an admin area.  I can now easily add and remove videos using a password protected, Gallery Admin Area.

Check it out and let me know what you think;

E-Star TV Gallery page - Click Here

Vimeo Channel Viewer - Click Here

This is the coolest way to display videos, we're looking to integrate it so YouTube videos can be displayed on it as well!

John Barrow - E-Star TV

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Epic Dragon 6K Camera

Red have introduced the Epic Dragon Camera with a huge 19 megapixel sensor and massive 16.5+ stops dynamic range.
This camera will shoot 100 fps at the full 6K resolution that's the equivalent of a 19 MP DSLR shooting 100 frames per second. It makes you wonder where the whole Cinema Camera / DSLR hybrid thing is heading.
This is how 6K looks in size compared to other resolutions

Very cool, I love where all this is heading but I do know my old mac would struggle opening, much less editing, such large resolution files!

For more information on these cameras go to | Epic Dragon

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

The MōVI has been released

Freefly Systems based in Seattle have just released the "MōVI" a 3-axis, digital stabilized, handheld camera gimbal. The MōVI can be operated by a single operator or with the use of a joystick a second gimbal operator can be used.
The MōVI weighs under 1.6 kgs and fits in a thin suitcase and will sell for around $15000.00USD and is under production. The soon to be released, smaller version the MōVI M5 will be sold for around $7500.00USD.
This is great news for the smaller production company with limited budgets. Well done Freefly Systems!
Check out this excellent video by Vincent Laforet on Vimeo

MōVI BTS from Vincent Laforet on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Sony HDR-AS15 Handy Cam

I decided I needed a small portable camera that I could mount onto various platforms, I also wanted an underwater housing. The most obvious solution was a GoPro but after a chat with my Sony agent I decided to get a Sony HDR-AS15 Handy Cam.
Initially I found the manual impossible to understand but with a bit of persistence I got the camera setup with my iPad (you do need to download an app called "PlayMemories Mobile").

The first problem I found, while setting up, was the camera would time out and switch off before I could get it connected to the WiFi. I got around this by pressing record while I connected the WiFi. I later found the Auto Power Off settings in the Set Up Menu, I didn't change this setting as it was only an issue when setting up a WiFi device.

My only real issue with this camera is it does not have a mounting thread on the camera. To mount it on a Tripod it has to be in the underwater housing.

The camera has 2 lens angle settings 120 degrees and 170 degrees, the image stabiliser only works in 120 degrees.

Record settings are as follows:
HQ 1080 30p
STD 720 30p
Slow 720 60p
SSlow 720 120p
VGA 480 30p

Interval Record: 5sec, 10sec, 30sec, 60 sec (image size 1920 x 1080, 350 pixels/inch).

It does have an adequate on board mic.

Here is a video I made using the Sony HDR-AS15 Handy Cam as well as my Canon 550D, spot the difference!

One of the problems I found while shooting this was the underwater housing would fog up but this is a problem with all housings and there are a number of solution on the net, none of which I have tried yet. I am going to order the Anti-Fog Sheet Model AKAAF1 from Sony NZ, fingers crossed this works.

Also I never used anything to monitor what I was shooting, I just aimed the camera at the subject and hoped for the best. The lens is wide enough to not have to worry to much!

There are loads of reviews and comparisons of this camera out there, some good and some not so good. Personally I like it and as Sony make updates and improvements I can see it being very popular. A great addition to my other Cameras