Sunday, 26 August 2012

E-Star TV and what we're about!!!

Starting From Scratch

My name is John Barrow and I am very lucky to have had 20 good years as a television cameraman in New Zealand, I didn't take it very seriously but I did have a bit of natural ability which got me through. I was always an intuitive shooter and I didn't know much about the technical side of things. I would pick up a camera, set up the viewfinder, colour balance and shoot! 
Me with a Sony Betacam
Hard at work!
Production Meeting in Queenstown.
Sound Op Barry, Presenter Peta and me

I was well suited for quick turnaround documentary work and as a freelancer I had a good client base of magazine style shows. Shows like Taste New Zealand with Peta Mathias were an absolute blast. Great people, great food, great locations, what more could you ask for!
Interview Setup

We would travel around sampling the best food and wine this country had to offer. Another client was a garden show and we did the same thing, travel around shooting some of the best gardens in the country.

These two photos are from a book Peta Mathias wrote called Don't get Saucy with me, Bearnaise

I walked away from television about 12 years ago and became a stonemason. About four years ago I seized an opportunity to archive some archaeology that was being done on a large development I was doing some stonework on. I purchased a Sony HDV camera, an imac and editing software and away I went!

I have no ambition to get back into mainstream television but would still like to make use of the skills I've learnt over the years.  I thought it would be fun to make music videos for start up artists that don't have the funds to make videos with the major production houses, it's a bit slow getting going but I'm not in any real hurry. I also want to find people that are doing extraordinary things with their lives and showcase them in some way, from experience I have learnt that these people can be living next door and you may never know!

I needed a website but didn't have the money to get one so my 12 year old son and I have been busy making a website that would do what we wanted which included a shopping cart to sell video clips online. It has been a bit of a mission so far and we've only just begun, there is so much to learn and do!

I will be detailing our journey in this blog so I really hope you will follow along, offer advice and maybe learn something. Having your support and encouragement will make all the difference to us!

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Monday, 20 August 2012

Music Video

Crazy In Love With you

I'm making a music video for Kate, a local singer/songwriter. The song, "Crazy In Love With You" is a love song written by Kate and performed by Kate and partner Dean. Dean also mixed and mastered the song in a studio at their home.

Dean in his cave
The video features Kate singing and playing her baby grand piano with shots of a young couple scattered through it.

The day of the exterior shoot with the young lovers was perfect, a very moody North-Westerly, not too cold which was very lucky as it's the middle of winter. We struck the light at just the right time and was able to complete the exterior shots in just a couple of hours.
Kate getting Make Up
The room I shot kate in was very small, as you can see in the photo below, and we didn't have a proper lighting kit and the sun was coming and going which also made things interesting! When you're working with a very small budget you have to go with what you are given and the end result is all that matters!

We shot several takes of the complete song from different angles, I then sync the audio from the camera mic with pips that have been recorded at the start of the master track. I lay all the tracks onto a timeline and take out the shots I don't want.


I'll post the video when I have completed the editing.

I made the Jonny Mac video in the same way, check it out:

Till Part Do Us Death by Jonny Mac from E-Star TV on Vimeo.